Wardrobe malfunction at Kamasutra Miss Maxim 2014 as model’s bikini top comes off

By Frank Franklyn for Newz66.com | November 29th, 2013

A major wardrobe malfunction occurred at the KamaSutra Miss Maxim 2014 event held at the Hilton on Thursday as a models bikini top came off while she was taking off her T-shirt. In one of the rounds the girls had to gyrate to pulsating music on the stage and then take off their T -shirts to reveal a bikini or bra top beneath. It was like an orchestrated strip tease. While one of the contestants was taking off her T-shirt, her string bikini top loosely at the back and came off. The model was quick enough to turn around and hold the bikini top with one hand to prevent it from coming off completely and revealing her breasts thus preventing what could have been a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction. But not before or quicker than the high-powered lenses of the Newz66.com photographer Raju Asrani who managed to catch some of the action.

Here are the photographs which show the model trying to take off her T-shirt. Then you can notice the model holding the bikini top which has loosened, partly exposing one side of her bust and walk off the stage pretending as though nothing has happened.

The big question is: Was this a genuine wardrobe malfunction or was it a publicity stunt to get the model famous a la Carol Gracias and Gauhar Khan? Or was Maxim too involved in the plan to get some great media mileage (and millions of hits on their website) given the fact that FHM magazine in India too has tried several BTL tricks. Who can forget the Veena Malik nude FHM cover?



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