Wildlife poaching on the rise in Goa – demand for meat worsens poaching menace

PANAJI: Though the forest department has attributed the use of cable wire snares by farmers as a revenge killing of wildlife for causing damage to their crops, some are raising fears that this alone may not be the sole reason.

“Many use cables of scooters, telephones and even cycles to trap porcupines, civet cats and wild boar for meat,” a wildlife activist said. The traps are found in urban areas like Porvorim, near Panaji.

“No crops are being grown in these areas,” the source added. Agreed Arnold Noronha, president of Chameleon, a wildlife NGO, “Many villagers are trapping wildlife with cable wires for meat,” he said.

Activists also blame tourism activities for the huge demand in wildmeat and call for greater level of sensitization of people to curb the threat to wildlife. “The cable wire material costs Rs 50 but a kg of wild boar meat costs Rs 300,” a forest official said.

The official said awareness is the key to caution about the larger danger to the environment in killing wildlife for a small price.

When pointed out that a restaurant in the suburbs of Panaji is serving wild meat, the official agreed to look into the matter.



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