Norbert’s to open 3 new fitness centres at Mapusa, Margao and Ponda in 2013

Professional fitness training is a crying need in Goa says fitness expert Norbert Dsouza

Norbert Dsouza – Goa’s very own fitness and body transformation expert who runs three fitness studios at Porvorim, Vasco and Panjim under the brand Norbert’s Fitness Studio is all set to open three more fitness studios in the coming few months – at Mapusa, Margao and Ponda respectively.

The first fitness studio will open at Mapusa in the first week of March followed by Margao in the first half of May. Ponda will have to wait till May end for a branch of Norbert’s Fitness Studio.

Says Norbert, “This is my gift to the people of Goa who are becoming more and more fitness conscious with time. A few years ago, Goans were a bit laid back and susegad. Today that perception has changed totally. Goans are as energetic, active and fitness conscious as their brethren in Mumbai or Delhi or even other cities in the US or Europe. The need for professional fitness training and guidance is growing exponentially in Goa and there is a dearth of professional fitness training environment in Goa. Many goans still work out at home and do not have access to professionally trained instructors, personal trainers and diet and qualified nutrition experts. Each regular client at Norbert’s Fitness Studio is provided with a personal trainer who gives the enthusiast personal attention, guidance and coaching. Even the quality of equipment is important. Cheap badly chosen equipment has a safety risk exposing clients to a hazardous training environment. A crowded or cramped exercise environment can nullify the effects of good exercise. We at Norbert’s Fitness Studio keep all these issues in mind. Our Fitness Studios are very spaced out and offer clients the individual space and privacy that some clients require,” says Norbert Dsouza.


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